[Histonet] isopentance substitute

Barone, Carol cbarone <@t> NEMOURS.ORG
Wed Dec 17 10:52:49 CST 2008

Histonetters: I have been doing muscle enzyme histochemistry since 1984 and have yet to find anything that works as well, with consistant results, as isopentane.  Using it safely under a hood and kept in the explosion proof frig (no exposed electric parts that could arc) can be accomplish. I am still here and have not blown up the building or colleagues, not had liver or kidney damage. That being said...there are still times it cannot be used...( like when you need to freeze in an OR....no iopentance can go there. So we have found, with sugfficient practice, you can get almost as good results by wrapping the sample in foil and placing directly into liquid nitrogen, or dusting well with talc (with aluminum)...like flouring your chicken before frying. It takes some practice to get this to work with little - to no artifact...but, it is possible....and provides an alternative technique for those times when isopentane is just not possible.

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