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Tue Dec 16 13:44:39 CST 2008

There are filterpapers on the market, that have the double size in the
length of a cassette and can directly be used for processing. 
We get corebiopsies of breast on filterpapers in formalin and of prostatae
directly on blue sponges in cassettes. The problem with the paper is, that
the biopsies stick too much on the dry surface and sometimes they get torn,
when moving in the cassettes. We put the biopsies from the paper on sponges
before processing.
The problem with the sponges as first underground is, that they have to be
wetted with formalin previously. And the morbid  unfixed tissue can be
formed by the hard spongematerial (makes small holes).
We also get some corebiopsies "swimming free" in the formalin. I think they
are easily fished and between the sponges they get flat enough to be
embedded without problems.
Gudrun Lang

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Hello Histo-netters:

My lab is starting to bring in more business with prostate core
biopsies. Some of the submitting physicians would like to use a small
piece of towel to lay the biopsy on and then place it and the core
biopsy into the formalin container. Does anyone have any suggestions for
what type of material would be suitable for this? I am afraid that
anything cottony will be a problem when removing the biopsy during
processing as it may stick.

Thank you for your help.


Sharon Campbell


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