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> Subject: [Histonet] Silver staing for degenerating axons

> But I dont have the original pdf for the paper on Stain Technology in 1951 & 1954. Anyone can
> send me the pdf?


> Can anyone provide me a supressive procedure in staining degenerating axons using "common
> chemicals", just ammonia water, silver nitrate, citric acid, formalin/PFA, sodium hydroxide? I
> just can not find applicable one with our current facilities!

Have you read Sun et al (2002) Comparative analysis of an improved
thioflavin-S stain, Gallas Silver Stain, and immunohistochemistry for
neurofibrillay tangle demonstration of the same sections. J. Histochem
& Cytochem 50(4):463--472?

The reference for Gallays is: Gallays (1971) Silver staining of
Alzheimer's neurofibrillary changes by means of physical development.
Acta Morphol Acad Sci Hung 19:1--8.

Otherwise, you may want to look into FlouroJadeB. If all you are after
is visualizing degenerating axons, there are easier ways of going
about ot than silver staining.

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