[Histonet] Silly Question?

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   i  have had this argument with the researchers at the University f   30  years,  somewhere back in the day they were told that commercially
   mad   not  hurt     their  tissue  for    and make it fresh themsel   it  often  does  not get   issue  is  miss  placed as they    for  consistancy  and  paying  more  attent   fixation in reg formalin.

   Another  anoying  myth  that  is difficult to combat with them is that
   "we   will  cross   always  getting ti   24  hrs.  to  protect  it  fr   proteins  are  not  cross  linked  they  c   washed  away  forever),  the people in research kno   linking  fo aldehydes but do not know that cross linking o   is  a  good  thing  and  they also do not know that we have advanced    methods HIER or EIER for unmasking the proteins, but we have no way of
   gett   sample was 

   there i will get off my Friday soap box..................

   Happy Holidays to all!


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   >  Please humor me on this if it's obvious (to everyone bu   do
   >  we  use  paraformaldehyde  (which  is so inconvenient to    rather
   > than buffered formalin or just diluted formaldehyde   >
   >  It  seems  that  around  here, some folks prefer paraf   (either
   >  2%  or  4%)  and  others use formalin, while some o   diluted
   > formaldehyde (I see all 4 on labels for spec   >  histology). Is it mostly a matter of personal p   you
   >  were  trained (i.e. force of habit) or is the   use
   > each solution (basically the same chemical   > buffered or not)? The only answer I've go   > "That's what we always use."
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