[Histonet] formalin concentration

Paul Verden PVerden <@t> UROPARTNERS.COM
Fri Dec 12 09:35:13 CST 2008

If you are interested in knowing the concentration of formaldehyde,
i.e., making sure you have 10% formalin, you can contact CBG Biotech at
800-941-9484.  They sell and service one of the best solvent recyclers I
have ever used.  When I was at Rockford Memorial Hospital, we used one
of their recyclers.  The calculation of formaldehyde/formalin is a very
easy test.  I used it whenever we recycled formalin, which was all the
time!  It can be used to test both buffered and non-buffered solutions.
The test procedures and reagents were provided by CBG.  Please contact
them with your request.  They may be able to help you.


R. Paul Verden

Supervisor - Cytology and Molecular

UroPartners, LLC

Westchester, IL


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