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Thu Dec 4 14:08:12 CST 2008

Yesterday was the closest I have ever come to going 'Histo'. After 2 pretty much full days of being the only one to decorate the clinic area. Making many of the garlands, not just throwing something on the wall. Buying some of the 
stuff myself, and being off the clock for some of it (I am proud of all my work, not just slide production). The powers that be have stated that because of fire hazard concerns relayed by the JCAHO inspectors there are not supposed to be any decorations on walls, ceilings, or door frames. It took me an hour just to take everything down. I was so miffed (an understatement) I went home earlier than usual. I also boycotted the 'holiday party' today. ooh, missed out on the cousins subs and sheet cake. 
Sorry. Still trying to get ahold of the ?logic? involved with this. Not to mention all my wasted time and energy.  Thank heavens today is my Friday. I need to get back in the holiday spirit somehow.
HTL moonlighting as an unappreciated Interior Decorator

Sounds like you found out the hard way?

--On Wednesday, December 03, 2008 6:07 PM -0600 Ingles Claire
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> FYI Everyone:
> If you are still waiting for your inspection, don't bother putting up
> Christmas decorations.  Claire

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