[Histonet] Ventana Benchmark XTs

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Alright kids, let's all play nice. Santa is watching you know...


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Let's agree to disagree here. I will continue to post when I feel necessary
and the people who don't agree with my reasoning can just ignore me. Just
for the record I do not work for any vendor and I am a Histology Manager for
a private laboratory in the midwest. Will my name make any difference in my
posts? Take that for what it is worth. This thread was really ignited by me
giving an opinion about a product or company that many people do not care
for. If you don't like it don't use it. You can give your opinion about it
when asked just like I can. I will use Joe the toes suggestion and change up
my signature to avoid any further issue. I work for one of the larger lab
companies that do not want their name or employees attached to any opinion
other than the companies. If you can not understand that then I can't help
you. I have mouths to feed and I do not have the luxury of changing jobs and
moving to a new location. Do I like hiding my identity? No. I have been on
here for years with an open identity. I have found a way to still contribute
and gain knowledge from this listserv and a few of you are all about status
and credibility. SO let us just end this thread and save space for real
Histology issues.
Histology Manager
A MidWest Lab

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