[Histonet] T Cell and B Cell Markers on Lymph Node Touch Preps

Sandra Cheasty cheastys <@t> svm.vetmed.wisc.edu
Mon Dec 1 09:04:17 CST 2008


            Does anyone have experience with performing Immunocytochemistry (CD3, CD20) on touch preps of canine and feline lymph nodes, particularly the following:


Fixation: What reagent(s), what temperature, how long, immediately or wait until air dried, storage post fixing


Antigen Retrieval: If formalin is part of the fixative, is there a general rule for HIER on ICC specimens that relates to HIER on paraffin sections of lymph nodes for CD3 and CD20?


Thank you so very much.




Sandra Cheasty

Histology & Necrcopsy Supervisor


School of Veterinary Medicine







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