[Histonet] X-Gal Rat Brain

Jacqui Detmar detmar <@t> mshri.on.ca
Mon Aug 25 14:03:27 CDT 2008

Hi Eric.  I'm with Andrea here.  I use a 0.2% glutaraldehyde solution,
too.  Paraformaldehyde will kill your enzyme; paraffin will kill it,
too.  I've tried paraffin-embedding, even with GA fixation and it was
bad, very bad.

Another option is, if you already know which section of the brain you're
going for, is to make a slice where you want to see activity and do a
whole-mount staining of GA-fixed tissue.  Then, you can embed the tissue
in paraffin, section it and counter-stain with nuclear fast red or
Brazilin or whatever.  I have done this with my mouse placental sections
with very nice results...morphology is better than cryosections.  But,
you need to have an idea of which portion of the tissue you want to
examine b/c the stain will only permeate the tissue several cell
thicknesses.  Just a thought,


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