[Histonet] Microwave safety

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Tue Aug 19 16:33:21 CDT 2008

this is my BIG beef.  CAP insists on these questions, with the facade of 
safety concerns and runs with it. They're like law makers. They only make 
laws that doesn't affect them. My question is how many of the CAP has stock 
or some other private interest in these companies. Now for the good one (and 
I know I'm gonna get flamed on this one. This time, there is no CEO to call, 
so who has the last laugh now?) It's these microwave companies that lobby 
CAP, JACHO and OSHA in the "interest" of safety. Bull paddies!!! I've used 
household microwaves in the lab since the 1980's. Hell, Biogenex was touting 
antigen retrieval with lead thiocyanide using a microwave back in the late 
80s and NOW, all of a sudden, it's a problem. Deer pebbles.
My Knights of Columbus Council was having a taco sale at church one time. 
One of the members wrapped some tortillas in a towel to warm them up. He 
thought he set the timer for 2 minutes, but set it for 20 minutes. We went 
outside to sell our tacos. When we went back to the kitchen, the microwave 
was smoking and the towel was on fire. Almost set the church on fire. That's 
the only accident I had with a microwave. I've had more accidents using a 
hot plate than with a microwave.  Here's where I date myself, I was heating 
up basic fuchsin making stock Mayer's mucicarmine solution. I walked away 
from the hot plate and forgot about it until I heard a POP. I ran back into 
the lab to find a nice magenta color all over the counter, ceiling and 
 The sad thing is  that no one will confront CAP about this. I mean someone 
with clout. I may have a mouth, but I have no clout. A man has to know his 
limitations. We need to get together and petition CAP, but we won't get far 
because the pathologists own CAP.
Now, let the flaming begin.

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Yes, the train left the station long time ago, precisely the moment the CAP 
embraced this issue and decided to enforce it!
René J.

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The sad thing is that we all know this, but it continues to be a growing 
in our country. What can we do to stop it? It's like a run-away train? j

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Joe and Anne:
Have you both forgotten that every time a lab buys a cheap "home"
microwave, the large lab equipment manufacturing companies lose a sale?
Have you forgotten that if an accident happens (no matter how remote the
possibility is) any "good claims attorney" will be able to twist the
issue to "nail" somebody for using an equipment "against the
manufacturer's specifications"?
We are talking about monetary interests, not about personnel safety!
René J.

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hey joe
i have had accidents in my kitchen - but never in the lab

im also getting a little tired of the CAP dictatorship - and we have not 
started yet!!!
if they were all dyed-in-the-wool histotechs with years and years of 
i would find it easier to accept - but then again if they had all that histo
experience they would certainly not be expecting/demanding all these silly

am also flipping annoyed that i am being told which EQA i can and cannot use
- the list of CAP approved EQA facilities does not include NEQAS or RCPA 
both of which i use and am extremely satisfied with ....

CAP are all about the money

thats my vent for the decade

whew....i feel better already!!!!
2008/8/19 Joe Nocito <jnocito <@t> satx.rr.com>

> Histoland,
> has anyone ever experienced or heard of an accident while using a
"for home
> use only" microwave? I have never had an accident. Before I go on
> tangent about CAP and OSHA, I'd like to know what everyone else
> is.  Since everyone is running around, changing the way they do things
> because CAP says breast cases have to be documented as to the length
> of
> these cases have been fixing in formalin. Uh-oh, I feel it coming on.
> Another tangent. I feel the flames warming up.
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Anne van Binsbergen (Hope)
Abu Dhabi
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