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We have a researcher who is trying to do a procedure in the article "Alternate Mucosal Immune System: Organized Peyer's Patches Are Not Required for IgA Responses in the Gastrointestinal Tract" by Masafumi Yamamoto, Paul Rennert, Jerry R. McGhee, Mi-Na Kweon, Shingo Yamamoto, Taeko Dohi, Shiegeo Otake, Horst Bluethmann, Kohtaro Fujihashi and Hiroshi Kiyono.  The article states "For IHC study, the jejunum and ileum were obtained from mice in each group for staining of Ab-containing cells.  Briefly the tissues were fixed in 5% glacial acetic acid in 95% ethanol at -20 degrees C for 24 hours before paraffin embedding.  Serial section 5µm thick were mounted on glass slides and IgA cells were visualized with FITC-labeled anti-mouse IgA mAb"

Is there anyone who has done a procedure like this?  Why are the sections put into paraffin and what type of instrument would be used to cut these?  Would the tissues be processed and then embedded or would this destroy the IgA?

Any help you can give us will be very much appreciated. 


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