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Kim, I can't speak to this with authority but it occurs to me that
should the dermatology practice ever be sued by a patient who believes
his case was mishandled in someway, I imagine the attorney's would have
a field day with a physician who is not board certified reading out
cases. If the individual is proficient, why isn't he/she boarded?

Secondly, I would worry that billing out medicare patients would create
potential problems with CMS if the case was read out by someone who is
not boarded. I can't quote you chapter and verse of CMS regulations but
it is impossible for me to believe that CMS is cool with paying
physicians who charge for services when they aren't board certified in
the specialty they are billing for.

The whole issue speaks to who is and is not "qualified" to read out
tissues and I would think one who is not board certified is not
qualified in the eyes of just about everyone.

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Hi everyone,
  I work in a busy dermatology office.  We process our own histology and
do Mohs.  We have 5 dermatologists and 3 P.A.'s. 1 of our dermatologists
is a Board Certified Dermatopathologist.  My question is:
  Since we have a Dermatopathologist in house, can a dermatologist, who
is fluent in reading slides, (but not a certified as a
dermatopathologist), read slides for another dermatologist (to help keep
up)? Are there any legalities that I should be aware of?
  Any help would be greatly appreciated.....thanks in advance....

Kim Tournear, HT (ASCP), QIHC ( ASCP)
  Specialists in Dermatology
  Histology/Mohs Supervisor
  Tucson, AZ

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