[Histonet] Carpet rental and chair wheels.

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Most of the uniform services will provide industrial rugs for a rental fee.
They are heavy weight, won't buckle, and don't cause a problem with chair
wheels. They can be switched out as you choose to schedule, and they create
an increase in safety because the paraffin and liquid spills don't land on
linoleum.  A couple of phone calls and the uniform people will even bring
samples and sometimes you can even pick your color!! 

There are different chair wheels for hard surfaces vs. carpet--you can
purchase these from most office supply companies and they fit most chairs so
the switch is tool-less (easy).

Hope this helps!

Signed--a former 'safety princess' for a large national lab. :)

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Our chairs roll over the commercial low nap (sp) area rugs without any 
problems.  Maybe it was the chair wheels and not the area rug causing the 
problem.  It pays to make sure the rugs are located in such a way that 
wheels stay on the rug surface at all times.  These area rugs are very 
heavy duty designed for entryway use, not very pretty or glamorous, but 
they work fine for any work area involved with paraffin.  We have never had 
these rugs "rise up" on us due to the weight of the rug itself.  They have 
heavy black rubber backing and do not slip nor bunch up. We also use them 
in front of sinks.

At 07:27 AM 9/19/2007, you wrote:
>I had some carpets like this and is was a bear to work with in the 
>embedding area. The wheels of the chairs kept causing the carpet to rise 
>up, causing a tripping hazard. Anyone else experience this? By the 
>microtomes, the carpet worked fine.

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