[Histonet] Football and Flaming

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Tue Sep 18 14:40:01 CDT 2007

Just push delete.

>>> "Nancy  Lemke" <nsnwl <@t> neuro.hfh.edu> 9/18/2007 11:56 AM >>>
Sorry to be a party pooper but is it possible to eliminate the non
histology threads from the general list and move that type of
communication to direct emails between the interested parties?  It feels
like a low-level hijacking when Histonet becomes engulfed in one of
these threads.

Nancy Lemke
Research Coordinator
Hermelin Brain Tumor Center
Henry Ford Hospital
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> Sall,
> Ummm, where do I begin.  "America's Team" still can't match the 12
time > world champ Packers.  That's right.  12.  12 is more than anyone
else has. >  Roger Staubach is no Bart Starr and Troy Aikman is no Brett
Favre.  I'm > not even going to start on that crackhead Michael Irvin. 
Your boy Tony > Romo is from Wisconsin too.  It would also seem to me
that "your" Braves > won the 1957 World Series over the New York Yankees
before Atlanta stole > them from Milwaukee.  No flame, just facts, there
you go.
> Tom Pier
> Proud Wisconsinite
> >>> "Breeden, Sara" <sbreeden <@t> nmda.nmsu.edu> 09/18/07 1:03 PM >>>
> I've been quiet lately, mainly because as my vacation approaches (3
> days!), all **** is breaking loose (that happens when one is the
> histotech). However, this Football Thing has gotten my attention. 
> one has said anything about America's Team - the Dallas Cowboys! 
> ya'll just have a big ol' time flaming me because my skin is so
> from years of totally unwarranted abuse by lesser teams' fans that
> can't hurt me.  Besides, I've given up that highly overrated
> sport for the real sport of BASEBALL - where stealth and cunning mean
> much more.  Go Braves!!  I was further sure of my Sports Choice last
> year when my friend Linda Blazek and I paid way too much money for
> tickets to see the D-Backs in PHX.  But we had great seats!  So, give
> your best shot and I'll try to remember I asked for it...  Vacation
> cures almost everything...
> Sally Breeden, HT(ASCP)
> NM Dept. of Agriculture
> Veterinary Diagnostic Services
> PO Box 4700
> Albuquerque, NM  87106
> 505-841-2576
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