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Joe,  I need a little more information.
1.  please submit the following,
a.  the temperature chart of the kitchen before and after you do the cooking. along with the calibration info from the precise calibrated thermometers that you are using and the lot number.
b.  the temperature of the water and the lot number from the local water dept.
c.  the lot number of where ever the peaches came from (from outside on a tree the lot number from your local nursery or from where ever you got them if fresh) or the lot number of the can and what grocery store you received them from and the manager of the stores mothers maiden name.
d.  the counter disinfectant's chart and what type of cleanser you are using.
e.  the lot number and QC chart from the baking pan or whatever you are using there,
f.  the calibrating information of the cooking utensils that you are using.
g.  if this procedure requires eggs or milk or anything else I need the same regulation charts on all of this.
h.  if milk please locate the cow!  
i .  if chickens please locate the chicken and all the infor related to that,
j.  if butter or margarine is used please submit all the qc on those products.
k. almost forgot I need all the info from your oven too. you know the drill
And last but not least please fed ex this infor along with the peach cobbler so I can give you a full assesment of the product.  
I will post this to the histonet only after you get a pin number to see the results.

If I have missed anything just include it in the packet and I'm sure I can use it in my evaluation.

Thanks again Joe will be looking forward to the package tomorrow.

Connie G. 

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> calling all you cooks. bakers, and chemistry people,
>     I'm making peach cobbler. When I'm making pies or some goody that requires pastry, all my recipes have 2 cups flour and 3-4 tablespoons of ice water. My question is: do you use 3-4 TSB of water? This morning, I used almost 1/2 cup. As long as I've been baking, I've never used 3-4 TSB of water. I don't know why this bothers me, but it does. Sometimes my crust is too dry, other times, it's soggy. What is a histotech to do? Thanks y'all
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