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I know of couple techs that did have to test. The grandfathering meant theat
those wanting the HTL did not have to have a bachelor's but years of
experience as well as the HT certification. Onr missed it by a percentage
point and stayed an HT (1977). My number is low and I took the HTL in 1985.

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Great info! Did the grandfathered techs have to do any testing then?
I believe a previous post mentioned alot of grandfathered techs had
to be tested when state licensing went into effect in some states.
I believe the FL history is that grandfathered techs took the FL test (not
ASCP), but
that FL no longer offers this test and the only testing now is ASCP.

So I guess so for only FL, NY are states requiring licensing-any others???

On 9/14/07, Luis Chiriboga <Luis.Chiriboga <@t> med.nyu.edu> wrote:
> Hi everyone
> I'm getting into this thread a bit late as I was not receiving Histonet
> messages for the last couple of weeks. A colleague mentioned this thread
> and
> I thought I should follow-up. I apologize if this information has already
> been posted.
> Michelle, I'm not sure what your original post was but I understand there
> was some question regarding licensing requirements  and certification in
> different states. I can only speak for New York State....
> You are correct, NYS now requires any individual working in a clinical
> laboratory to be licensed.  This law went into effect last September 06
> with
> a grand fathering provision that just expired this September. I think its
> important to recognize that there is a significant difference between
> "licensing" and "certification".  "Licensing" is performed by a government
> organization while "certification" can be performed by almost any
> organization.  Obviously, the value of a certification is based on the
> veracity of the organization providing it.  While it is also true that
> many
> other states view ASCP as a valid certifying agency and, ASCP
> certification
> as a measure of competency, the NYS education department (NYSED) has
> chosen
> not to accept ASCP certification as a means of credentialing for grand
> fathering or as a means to establish competency in the absence or presence
> of an examination for any laboratory discipline. However, I believe that
> NYSED has selected ASCP to create and administer a "generalist" exam based
> on the educational curriculum mandated by the NYSED and the Clinical
> Laboratory Technology Practice Act.
> As the law currently stands in NYS, anyone who was not grad fathered will
> have to meet the educational requirements AND take the licensing
> examination
> in order to be employed in NYS (for detail info on the curriculum
> material,
> please see article 165 of the education law
> http://www.op.nysed.gov/clp.htm).
> In NYS, this law applies to all clinical laboratory personnel, including
> histologist. NYS does not recognize nor require ASCP certification for
> licensing.
> For those of you in other states that are considering proposing a
> licensing
> law (I think I saw a message thread from a few on this),  I suggest that
> you
> take a look at the NYS law......
> I hope this helps. If you have any questions, please feel free to respond.
> Luis
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> Someone in a recent previous post had stated that they thought only one
> state required state licensing-I know NY and FL do now. I read in an
> article
> about NY state licensing http://www.medscape.com/viewarticle/542005
> law this excerpt:
> *With one exception (WV), all states requiring licensure (CA, FL, GA, HI,
> LA, MT, NV, ND, PR, RI, TN) recognize the American Society for Clinical
> Pathology (ASCP) as an approved certifying agency.*
> *Commissioner's regulations require candidates to pass a generalist
> examination for CLT and CT. With the exception of the grandparenting
> period
> (through September 1, 2008) specialists without generalist certification
> will be required to take a generalist examination to qualify for
> licensure.*
> **
> -I am hoping to find out if this law applies to Histology as well
> -If this is an up to date list of the states that require it, if so
> -If grandfathered techs in these states had to take ascp or if they took a
> different state test to get the state license.
> -Is there any site anyone knows about that keeps up to date information on
> what all the different states are doing regarding licensure requirements
> in
> our field other than sifting through the archives here at histonet?
> Thanks for any input-
> Michelle
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