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I just graduated from a Nccls program through Mayo/UND and we were not 
taught to cut wearing gloves,  in fact there is only one tech in the lab

that consistently wears gloves while cutting and she came to us from the

enzyme histochemistry lab so she couldn't get used to not wearing 
gloves.  As far as the mesh gloves, we have those also and are supposed 
to wear them whenever changing/handling blades per our safety officer 
because right after I started there was a rash of people cutting 

As one who literally bears the scars of microtomy we used not to think
ourselves as 'men' unless we went to A&E occasionally to get a cut
sutured. The most painful cut were those you got from using a knife back
and a wooden stick laden with diamond paste. The idea was to draw the
stick across the knife blade with you finger acting as guide, sometimes
it slipped off the stick (diamond paste and blood makes a curious mix).
The big Tetrander knives were frightening as you could loose a whole
body part!

These 'new' blades that are disposable only give you a 'love bite' that
you soon grow out of and never remember, the loss of one of your finger
ends captures your attention a tad. Must point out though these 'new'
knives are sharper, safer and produce better sections, that is as long
as the tissue isn't hard. Progress I guess but what do people do when
they are not sharpening knives?  ICC I guess!

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