[Histonet] RE:Acetone fixation for immunofluorescence protocols

James S. sonya.martin <@t> soton.ac.uk
Fri Sep 7 03:27:19 CDT 2007


You didn't say what your problem was - is it the integrity of your
sections or the fluorescence staining?

I always use acetone fixation for mouse tissues for immunofluorescence
and havent had any problems with the labelling however I have had
problems on and off with the integrity of the sections especially after
long labelling procedures. To combat this I make sure the acetone is
'dry' (I use molecular sieves), I dry the sections for at least 1hr
(sometimes overnight) after cutting and try to keep incubation times to
a minimum. I still occasionally have problems with the sections
disintegrating during labelling so I'd be interested to hear anyone
elses comments!


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