[Histonet] avian sperm cell topography

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Wed Sep 5 14:36:50 CDT 2007


I am a PhD student working on a behavioral ecology project on  
Australian fairy-wrens. I am currently trying to find out if I can  
determine the dimensions of discrete sections of individual sperm  
cells, i.e. acrosome length, nucleus length, midpiece length and tail  
length using the material I currently have available. I have prepared  
slide smears of sperm that has been previously stained with an eosin- 
nigrosin stain (to determine cell viability) and would like to be  
able to somehow stain different segments of the sperm so that I can  
identify and measure them using an ocular micrometer on a bright  
field or phase contrast microscope set up. It is my understanding  
that I cannot use fluorescent stains given that I have already used a  
colormetric stain (the eosin-nigrosin). If anyone has suggestions for  
ways to identify discrete regions of avian (passerine) sperm cells I  
would be very grateful to hear from you.

Many thanks in advance,

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