[Histonet] Users of Lab Vision autostainer

Victoria Baker bakevictoria <@t> gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 08:02:16 CDT 2007


I'm a new user of the Lab Vision autostainer and I'm looking to see if
I can find  users in Histo-land that have experience with it.  The
facility only works with human tissue and all of the antibodies are
for dx purposes.

My key questions are as follows:
How many antibodies is your lab running?
How many users do you allow?
How many people do you allow programming rights and at what level of
supervision are they?

How many of these antibodies are from Lab Vision?
         a)  are they concentrates or pre-dilutes?
         b)  for HIER are you using their PT modules/procedures or
your own equipment (microwave, steamer, pressure cooker etc) and in
house designed protocols for retrieval?
        c) for digestion do you only use their Pro-K or have you
designed your own in-house methods using other reagents for digestion?
        d)  do you put your controls on the same slide as the patient?
        e)  are your controls in-house or commercial?
        f)  do you have more than one stainer hooked up to one computer system?

What Version of software do you currently have on your system?

Any feed back would be very helpful.

Thanks in advance.

Vikki Baker
Interim Histology Manager
Mission Hospital System
Asheville, NC

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