AW: [Histonet] frozens from lung-tissue

soofia siddiqui soofias2 <@t>
Wed Nov 21 13:18:10 CST 2007

I get the best quality sections when I snap freeze the tissue ( very small not lungs) in dry ice and isopropenal bath. Add a little isopropenal into dry ice to make the bath , use small plastic beem/ beam ( Energy Beam Sciences) capsule, fill with liquid OCT, place the tissue in the capsule with liquid OCT, put hanging tag( some thing to hold into bath or information), cover the capsule  and dip the capsule for few seconds. You can see the freezing of OCT, just pull it out from the bath. We in our lab usually leave the frozen tissue  in -80 Celsius degrees for over night and then cut next day.
  UWHC Madison WI

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