[Histonet] How to keep cryostating without getting frostbite?

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Glove liners!!  You can get these by the box at sporting goods
stores--cotton glove liners that give you a little insulation between the
latex or other sorts of biological protective gloves and the cold.  Also, a
tap of lukewarm running water over the gloves to warm them between
cases---your hands don't get wet but they warm up.

BE CAREFUL the water isn't too warm--it's the difference in temperature that
can cause a burn, not just the temp of the water itself.

Hope this helps--used to cut monkey brains for 10 hrs a day for weeks on
end...the liners and a good jazz radio station kept me pretty happy in my


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Hey all,

Are there any tricks on how to keep your fingers from getting frostbite
while doing cryostat sectioning for 8 hours a day?  My poor techs who have
been cutting frozen sections for several straight days now are starting to
complain about these inhumane conditions!  Do all of you MOHS techs have
bleeding, chapped hands and numb fingertips?

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and Happy Thanksgiving to all!


     Jim Staruk
Mass Histology Service

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