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I agree with Rene, even some of the so called "rapid decal" reagents on the
market can be detrimental to cellular morphology and connective tissue,
especially if you are interested in doing IHC.  That being said, I have seen
some tissues (not bone) treated with strong formic acid to disinfect CJD
which looked good morphologically by H&E.  I did not test IHC on those

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First, there is no such a thing as "quick decalcification" since the time
required is determined by the type of hard part (usually bone) and its
calcium contents.
  All decalcifiers in some way affect the soft tissue and what is precisely
looked for is having little effect on the soft tissue.
  On the other hand, I think you could dissolve bone, and everything else,
in a few imuntes if you put your bone in sulfuric acid; you will get a quick
and total destruction of everything.
  So "quick decalcification" is incompatible with cellular detail. They are
inversely proportionate (speed of decalcification and soft tissue detail).
  René J.

wael swelam <swelam48 <@t> gmail.com> wrote:
  Dear Histonet members;
Good morning to all of you.
Do you have a formula that can be used to achieve quick decalcification for
bone & Dental hard tissues without affecting the quality of the related soft
Your kind help is highly appreciated


Wael Mohamed Swelam
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Faculty of Dentistry, King Faisal University, Dammam,
Saudi Arabia,
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