[Histonet] Tape coverslipper

Jackie M O'Connor Jackie.O'Connor <@t> abbott.com
Thu Nov 15 12:52:07 CST 2007

I love our automatic tape coverslipper.  I'm a new user of an old machine, 
and I've noticed a problem.  Perhaps someone can offer some insight. 
Occasionally, an artefact appears that resembles trapped air, microscopic 
bubbles, if you will, that appear gray-black on a higher plane than the 
tissue, so I know it's a superficial artefact.  I just don't know what is 
causing it - but I'm sure it has something to do with the tape 
coverslipper - but what?   I don't know enough about the machine to 
troubleshoot it - it seems a relatively simple instrument.  Tape, a wheel 
and xylene.   Where are the bubbles coming from, and how do I get rid of 
them?   The pathologist thought it was some kind of dirt or dust debris 
accumulation - but we've decided it's air.  Help.

Jackie O'

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