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And in return:


A surgeon, pathologist, physician, psychiatrist and radiologist go duck
hunting out on a pond.


As the first duck flies over head, the psychiatrist takes aim, ....but
doesn't fire.

"What the hell happened?" demands the surgeon (they're known for their
retiring manner)

"Well, says the psychiatrist, I know its a duck, and YOU know its a duck
- but does the duck know its a duck?"


The second bird flies over head, and the physician takes aim.....but
doesn't fire.

"What now???" roars the surgeon.


Well, says the physician, in a recent article I read in the New England
Journal of Medicine, 12% of ducks are actually 

Terns, and they're a protected species....


The third duck flies over, and the radiologist takes aim......then
paddles the boat further into the pond, then takes aim, then paddles
back a bit, then takes a further aim....and by this time the duck has

"Jesus wept!" explodes the surgeon, what the f*** were you doing?


Well, says the radiologist - every time I took aim, I realised that I
needed another view.


After lunch, they re-group for more hunting.

This time the surgeon gets out his double barrelled, gold plated
bazooka, blows his duck whistle - and as a flock of birds swarm over
head, he fires randomly and enthusiastically into the air. Objects rain
out of the sky. When he had finally finished blasting away to the
heavens - he turned to the pathologist and said: "row over to all those
bodies, and tell me if any of them was a duck"





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