[Histonet] Dendritic cells in mouse FFPE tissue

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What kind of dendritic cells?  I have a research antibody that I SWEAR
is marking the nuclei of dendritic cells.  The researcher who made the
antibody claims they're stem cells though.  What do I know?

Those langerhans kinds of dendritic cells should be CD1a positive and
BIOCARE has an antibody that works on paraffin.  You might try CD11c

For plasmacytoid dendritic cells or follicular center/germinal center
dendritic cells I don't know of any single marker that is great and
won't mark anything aside from the dendritic cells.  You don't want any
cross-reactivity with macrophages, so I guess CD68 ain't an option...


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Ok, I know I'm on another one of my wild goose chases again but is
anyone successfully working with an antibody that detects dendritic
cells in mouse FFPE tissue (no, frozen is not an option at this point)?
It needs to be something specific for dendritic cells, i.e. no
cross-reactivity with macrophages etc.

Katy Milne
Deeley Research Centre

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