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At NSH we were told by someone that was in contact with the legistators that wrote the bill that this did not pass and that they were rewriting the bill.   


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If you are looking for a job as a histotech in New York, it's not going to
happen. The NY legislators have made a licensure law that only certified med
techs can be histotechs. Those already working as histotechs in NY can
continue to work in NY. However, any certified histotech moving into NY
cannot work as a histotech until they take all the med tech courses and pass
the med tech certification exam. NY will not recognize the NAACLS histotech
program graduates from SUNY, the only accredited HT program in NY. (SUNY
will be closing, as it's impossible to offer all med tech courses and all
histotech courses, all in a 2 year program.) NY will not recognize those
earning their ASCP HT or HTL certification through the associate degree
on-the-job training route.

ASCP, NY histotech society, and the NY pathologist groups are lobbying for
changes, but the legislators are not listening. NSH has weighed in with
ASCP, and the NY pathologists are coming to NSH to see what NSH can do, too.
(That's where Vinnie DelaSperanza's (NSH presidents) comments on needing
more members come into play. If ASCP and pathologist groups aren't swaying
the legislators, then NSH with our fewer numbers are not going to help.
Histotechs need to join NSH and ASCP, to histotechs have more numbers and
will be listened to better.)

The original draft of the bill, according to Vinnie, included histotechs
with the appropriate information on training and certification and job
responsibilities. The bill got changed over the years, and went unnoticed by
NY histotechs. The bill took years (decade+) to pass, so the legislators
don't want to change anything on the law at this stage. It may take years to

At this time, the med tech programs do not have classes in the theory or
practical aspects of histotechnology. I don't know if they are planning on
adding them to the med tech curriculum.

In the mean time, NY histotechs will be retiring and leaving the field.
Workloads will increase as the patient populations ages and technology
requires more tissue tests. And there will be fewer and fewer NY histotechs
to do these jobs.

It's a histology crisis in the making.

Peggy A. Wenk, HTL(ASCP)SLS
William Beaumont Hospital
Royal Oak, MI 48073

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Hello all !
Does anyone know of any histology or cytology prep job in the NY area.
I have have 15 years in the field and hope someone has some info.
you can respond @ xorren <@t> aol.com or call (516) 671-0907 have a great day

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