[Histonet] NSH

Bernice Frederick b-frederick <@t> northwestern.edu
Mon Nov 5 15:45:56 CST 2007

This was my first meeting and whereas I enjoyed myself tremendously I only
had 2 gripes

1.	There should be a  block of time set aside to see the vendors. Most
of us were in workshops for a lot of the time and had to do quick run up to
the vendors.
2.	I was surprised water was only provided for the speakers. It was so
dry I was going through 36-48 oz of water every day and at 2$ a pop... If
I'd known, I'd have run off to Walgreens or somewhere.

 I do plan to be back and really enjoyed everybody and everything. Missed
meeting Joe though I thought we had arranged for that (tee hee).



Bernice Frederick HTL (ASCP)

Northwestern University

Pathology Core Facility

710 N Fairbanks Court

Olson 8-421

Chicago,IL 60611



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