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Hi Katie,

I'm a traveling histotech, and have been doing this kind of work for almost
10 years (Wow! time sure flies!).  I love working like this.  I like the
flexibility.  I make enough money when I'm on an assignment to be able to
take a little time off between assignments.  I like the variety.  I'm never
anywhere so long that the politics or the personalities start getting to
me.  I learn something new everywhere I go, and I'm constantly gaining new
skills.  I stay at an assignment long enough to really see the area of the
country. (average length of assignment is 13 weeks).

I work for a national agency, but I also take some assignments on my own.
Most assignments are really good and I've met some great people.  Most
places are welcoming and friendly.  Naturally, there have been a couple bad
apples in the bunch, but, after 13 weeks, I move on.  I am able to turn down
any assignment that they offer, if I choose to.

If you are seriously considering this kind of work, I'd be happy to
elaborate more on things to consider when choosing the agency to work with.
Or if you have specific questions, feel free to contact me.

Beth Cox


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Does anyone have any experience or insight as a traveling histotech?
Although this isn't a technical question, I would greatly appreciate any

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