[Histonet] Neuron specific beta III tubulin antibody

Nic Leipzig nic.leipzig <@t> utoronto.ca
Tue Mar 27 09:46:37 CDT 2007

We are looking for an antibody for IHC on paraformaldehyde fixed cells
(differentiated rat neurospheres) that will stain only neurons.  We have had
recent troubles with glial cells staining positive with beta III tubulin


Up until ~5 months ago we had an antibody to beta III tubulin (TUJ1) from
Chemicon that worked beautifully for differentiated Rat (Sprague Dawley)
neurospheres.  Then the lots changed and it doesn't work at all and they
can't do anything about it besides sending us more vials of the same lot.
So we have tried a beta III tubulin TUJ1 antibody  from Stem Cell
Technologies, but this stains neurons and glial cells (mostly astrocytes).
Sigma's SDL clone has even more background staining.


Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.






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