[Histonet] tape transfer paraffin question

Tamara A Howard thoward <@t> unm.edu
Mon Mar 26 14:17:39 CDT 2007


I've been given 2 tissue array slides that were made using 
one of the tape transfer systems. I've never had tape 
slides - isn't the tape supposed to be removed before 
staining? The supplier of the slides says to just proceed 
as usual, but these look to me as if they still have tape, 
and I can see the "this side to adhesive" & "knife edge" 
(or whatever the other message is) - shouldn't those 
messages be gone if the tape has been removed? Maybe they 
are supposed to look this way, and I'm just being paranoid 
(they are ungodly expensive samples).



Tamara Howard
Cell Biology & Physiology
Albuquerque, NM

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