AW: [Histonet] background staining with ultra view from Ventana

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Hi Tom,
most of my protocols are with CC1 mild (30min) and 24 min
Antibody-incubation. Do you think this durations should be shortened?
Wouldn't it need an increase of the antibody-concentration on the other

Have you seen a change in the background from lot to lot? Because we have
used the u-view for about six months now, and never had this big problems.

Gudrun Lang
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Hi Gudrun, I've mostly run AEC on a older Benchmark, and then tried
iView AlkPhos with mixed results varying with tissue type. I have then
tried ultraView DAB and UltraView AlkPhos and immediately ran into
background problems using my routine times and Ab concentrations. Debbie
at Ventana tech support led me through some things to try. For the uView
DAB, my best improvement came with less cell conditioning, shorter
incubation times, my regular Ab concentrations, and Ventana Ab diluent
alone in the ultrablock step. Happy Trials, Tom Truscott
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Hi to the Ventana users,

Have any of you experienced increased background staining with the
ultraview-DAB kit from Ventana in comparison to the iview-DAB. We have
problems with this and I would like to know, if it is due to the reagens
to the machine (Benchmark XT). 


Thanks in advance

Gudrun Lang

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