[Histonet] Problem with intestinal epithelium

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Wed Mar 21 07:39:35 CDT 2007

30 minutes from the moment the animal is slaughtered does not seem to be much.Stop all the washing and fix the tissue in NBF and wash after it is fixed.
  René J.

Mikael Niku <mikael.niku <@t> helsinki.fi> wrote:
  Dear Histonetters,

we are trying to make good-quality sections (paraffin and cryo) of 
bovine intestines.
The problem is that the epithelium seems to be stripped off whatever we 
do. This seems to be a problem especially with slaughterhouse material, 
although the delay from death to sampling is less than 30 min.

Currently we are cutting the intestine to pieces, washing with PBS 
buffer, and fixing immediately in buffered paraformaldehyde or freezing 
in isopentane / liquid nitrogen.

Any ideas, anyone? Or are we just too late here, could the mucosa be 
destroyed so soon after death?

With best regards,
Mikael Niku


Mikael Niku URL: www.helsinki.fi/~mniku/
University of Helsinki Dept. Basic Veterinary Sciences

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