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Wed Mar 21 07:35:03 CDT 2007

The AS-200 system from Kurado, besides being still experimental from its medical application point of view, could be used to section "non-problematic", serial and "replaceable" blocks like those from large specimens from an autopsy, or for companies dedicated to producing histology slides for students (like the Carolina or the now defunct Turtox).
  This instrument, or any other similar that may be developed in the future, will never be able to substitute the histotech in the decision making: how deep to go into the block to get the adequate section?; which section to take and which to discard FOR EVER? Does the section just prepared reflect the whole area of the embeded tissue? Of the ones in the water bath, which are the best?
  Unless the "future" sectioning automaton if also equiped with a computer recognition system, it will not work as reliably as an experienced histotech. Even if that recognition system is incorporated, which are the standards to recognize? 
  Each histology specimen has several unique characteristis: it is usually discrete, unique and irreplaceable and if lost is lost for EVER! Iwould not give to an automaton a specimen from a patient and hope that what ever it comes out of the machine is going to include and be representative of the lesion whose diagnostic is fundamental for that patient's care.
  This automaton "will not fly" in the medical practice with its present capabilities.
  Just my opinion (as always)!
René J.

"Bobrowitz, Carol" <cbobrowi <@t> mcw.edu> wrote:

Has anyone seen the Auto Slide Preparation System AS-200?

It can replaces a Histotech!

It can cut and stain.

The company name is Kurabo Bio-Medical.


Bye, Bye,

Carol Ann Bobrowitz


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