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Mon Mar 19 02:10:41 CDT 2007

Hi Louise

Novolink works fine, if ... Did you use one of these kits that come (at 
least) with post-primary block and the Novolink Polymer? We did use one that 
had even more components, and naive as we were, we applied just the Novolink 
Polymer (in stead of the ABC/HRP) to a couple of slides with a mouse primary 
and got no staining at all. Next we did a series of slides that we stained 
with two different mouse and two different rabbit primaries, leaving away or 
replacing various components of the Novolink kit. The result was a surprise: 
you don't need any of these cumbersome bottles except for the Novolink 
Polymer, if your primaries are rabbit. You need what they call the post 
primary block, if your primaries are from mouse... In my days, we used to 
call reagents like the "Post Primary Block" a rabbit-anti-mouse Ig secondary 
antibody ... In other words, one more company that considers us as stupid 
"don't-need-to-knows" and sells us a product without telling, what's really 
in it. Other than that, Novolink works fine, is very sensitive, but dont ask 
me about my sympathies for companies that consider me stupid...

Andi Kappeler
Institute of Pathology, University of Bern, Switzerland

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> hi all
> is anyone using the novolink kit sucessfully? I recently tried it out on
> antibodies that work fine with  VEctor'snABC kit, only to find that there 
> is
> absolutely NO staining. Any ideas?
> Best regrads & have a great weekend
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