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Additionally, I agree with René and we too pre label our slides/20 at a time and it works very well for our facility.

Which is the key statement here!  You must set up many road blocks to prevent error, whether its before you cut the slide or after and there are many that can share how they do this.  We as a department pay very close attention to the number on the block when we put it on the microtome as one of many checks.  Then as you are putting your twenty slides into the staining rack we then cross reference them to the block order, we then lay them out and check blocks after they are stained.   For us this works very well with little error.  For other labs this might create error!  I prefer this method of slide preparation to labeling them one by one.  If there are too many errors with one individual then maybe it is an attention problem and maybe that might be addressed.  There is no one way to do anything in a histology lab, we just simply need to develop the system/flow that works best for the department and for the techs doing the slide preparation.  When I look at flow and procedure; accurate, timely patient care is my only concern.  Happy Friday!!

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