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There are advantages to both.  These are, of course, my opinions:

Film is simpler/faster but has some disadvantages-
	-the machine has less moving parts to break 
	-if you run out of film, you go back to hand coverslipping--should
maintain supplies just in case. 
	-there are a few tricks to it--acclimate the film to ambient room
temp 	for a day before using.  
	-Keep the machine CLEAN or it bunches up.  
	-If your storage isn't climate controlled you'll have trouble with
yellowing and rarely, fogging.  
	-The slip is hard to remove--acetone works but the sludge is messy
and 	it leaves a residue. 
	-On thick preps (cytos)it is harder to fill in the bubbles.

Glass slips
	-The machine is more complex and a little harder to maintain
	-You can use anyone's slips--no limited suppliers
	-The machine is more expensive, but supplies are less
	-Storage--no issues and no adjustments by your pathologists.
	-If slips break in the machine--they're a pain to clean up.

I know I listed fewer issues for the glass--it's obviously my preferred

Hope this helps!


Cheryl Kerry, HT(ASCP)
Full Staff Inc.
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I know you can help... I'm looking at glass or film coverslipper what do you
find best about film or glass.
We are using glass and still coversliping by hand... I know we are little
behind with that part of our lab
but you know how budget and Histo goes sometime...  So if you can share I
really would like
to hear from you, I value your imput.


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