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Oh and I forgot to mention the best part! The pathologist is off site
and only comes into the lab once or twice a month!!!

Betsy Molinari HT (ASCP)
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Ditto Betsy!
Except that I don't do plastics, have been with my supervisor only going
8 years but I work 4 ten hr days/week so have long weekends EVERY week!
instruments are new (1-5yrs) and I have inherited glassware and
and stains to do just about any stain I want to do...but the windows...I

love the windows!

At 05:29 AM 3/15/2007 -0500, Molinari, Betsy wrote:
>I don't have to guess, I know I am lucky. I too am the lone histotech
>and do paraffin, frozens and plastics. I have worked with my supervisor
>for 17 years and you couldn't ask for a better person. I am left to my
>own devices as long as the results are good and on time. I can pretty
>much design my own schedule and yes, I have windows. Nirvana.
>Betsy Molinari HT (ASCP)
>Texas Heart Institute
>Cardiovascular Pathology
>6770 Bertner Ave.
>Houston,TX 77030
>832-355-6812 (fax)
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>I guess I am lucky; I run a histology core for an exclusive group of 6
>scientists who are all studying neuroimmunology--and I'm the only
>in my histology lab!  The only thing expected of me is results, no
>to speak of.  It's all my stuff, my mess.  Perfect?  I don't know, but
>it sure is nice.
> >>> "Steven Coakley" <sjchtascp <@t> yahoo.com> 03/14/07 4:23 PM >>>
>LOL,  perfect histology lab ...ya right.  How about a snot nose newbie
>tech right out of school, no clinical experience at all, running the
>show, spouting her theory and superior knowledge and intellect, brown
>nosing the boss that's now in her back pocket.  All the experienced
>techs 14-40 years experience each moving right out the door.  Go
>And the boss can't understand why she can't keep techs.
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