[Histonet] Cytology Cell Blocks and Poor Microtomy Due to Friction/Static

W. Ozanne wayneozanne <@t> sympatico.ca
Tue Mar 13 17:22:06 CDT 2007

Question for the Group,

The group cutting cytology cell blocks are continually challenged with
microtomy on a regular basis.  There is so much static and friction from the
cell blocks sections as the come off of the block onto the knife.  Getting a
section from the knife to the waterbath is no easy task.
During the winter months we have a humidifier going in the cutting area and
this does not seem to make a difference as this continues to be a challenge
during the most humid of months of the year.
Soaking the blocks after coarse trimming works to some degree, but you are
lucky if you get one to two sections......ribbons would be considered a
The cell blocks are processed on the Leica with the routine blocks for the
day according to a standard processing schedule.

Has anyone else faced this challenge and how did you beat it?????

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