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Hello Everyone


I just did a quick search on tunel and cytoplasmic staining and I did see a
few references that say that this happens, but I also decided to check with
the experts out there in histoland.  I always thought that tunel staining
was localized to the nuclei, but we just ran the roche kit on some human
tonsil and we do have some nuclear staining, but I would have to say that
the majority of staining that we are seeing is cytoplasmic and upon brief
review the staining is consistent with the staining pattern that we get when
we stain with cleaved caspase 3.  Can this be correct?  We do not perform
tunel that often and I know that there are lots of issues with the
pretreatment of paraffin sections and I just want to make sure I'm not
creating the staining due to some procedural issue.  We did run the
appropriate negative controls and they were negative and our positive
control was fine also. Any advice would be helpful.


Thanks in advance




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