[Histonet] Automated Quantitative Tissue Analysis Programs at UCSD and UCLA

Scott Baldwin SBaldwin <@t> compucyte.com
Tue Mar 13 12:16:21 CDT 2007

Dear Histonetters,

This is just a quick note to the research pathology community in the San Diego and LA areas and all who are interested in trying out state-of-the-art automated tissue analysis capabilities of the new generation laser scanning cytometers. We will be offering free sample evaluation clinics. Instrumentation will be available at UCSD, Moores Cancer Center Imaging Core (from March 30 until April 5) and UCLA, the Molecular Screening Shared Resource (from April 9 until April 13), CompuCyte scientists will perform sample analysis and provide consultations. 


Fluorescent and chromatic dyes, or combination of both, can be used for quantification of tissue constituent expression. There are no specific requirements for sample preparation in addition to standard practices; most commonly used dyes, compatible with the instrument specifications are: 

Violet laser (405 nm) - DAPI, Hoechst 33342, and Qdot(tm) excitation.

Blue laser (488 nm) - FITC, GFP, Alexa Fluor® 488, PE, and PE-Cy5 excitation. Propidium Iodide, DAB, BCIP absorption.

Red laser (633 nm) - Cy5 and Alexa Fluor® 647 excitation. Hematoxylin, Nova Red and Methyl Green absorption. 


Additionally, there will be a presentation by Dr. William Geddie from the University of Toronto with specific focus on FNA immunophenotyping and tissue biomarkers for clinical trials (March 30 at UCSD, http://www.compucyte.com/Agenda%20-%20UCSD%20Symposium-2007.htm) and by Dr. Peter Gann on the subject of p27 expression analysis in prostate cancer prevention clinical trial (April 13 at UCLA, http://www.compucyte.com/Agenda%20-%20UCLA%20Symposium-2007.htm).


   Scott Baldwin MT(ASCP)


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