[Histonet] Odd Black Staining in Plastic Embedded Bone Samples

Douglas Moore douglas_moore <@t> brown.edu
Tue Mar 13 11:30:17 CDT 2007

I am looking for possible explanations for some strange black 
staining on some plastic embedded bone slides stained with Stevenel's 
blue stain.  The specimens are from the distal femur of the New 
Zealand white rabbit, and we were evaluating the resorption of a 
biomaterial (CaP, collagen and carboxymethyl cellulose).  I have 
posted a seres of four images on histonet.org 
(bonegraft_overview.jpg, bonegraft_detail.jpg, 
biomaterial_overview.jpg, biomaterial_detail.jpg)

We're perplexed--never seen anything like this before.  The strange 
thing is, we see the black staining in our autograft bone controls, 

Any help would be appreciated,

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