[Histonet] where do you purchase normal sera and cresyl violet

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Tue Mar 13 09:29:07 CDT 2007

VWR sells normal serums in huge lots, and if you can get a discount, even 
more savings.  It is Animal Sera, from SeraCare Life Sciences, and 
purchased via VWR.  Example goat serum, cat#14231-814, 500 ml list price is 
$96.54.  We realiquot into 50 ml tubes and store at -27C.  100 ml mouse 
serum is only $81.68 list.

Check out their and other company websites for similar items in product 
category serum, cell culture

If you have any kind of term contract with a large company (VWR, Fisher) 
you may get free shipping.  Sigma has huge lots but it is not cheaper, 
comes frozen, and is expensive shipping.  We purchase donkey serum from 
Jackson, it comes lyophilized in 10 ml sizes, is stable in that condition 
at 4C for years (they said 10 years!)  They do not break the bank with 
their shipping charges.  You may be able to work a deal with them to buy 
this in larger quantity, Jackson has been a great company to deal with.

Dyes are always expensive and you may bite the bullet on these.  If you 
have a term contract with Fisher, then buying through ACROS should be 
discounted, with any special shipping deals you have made with them.
We purchase from  Sigma-Aldrich.

Good luck

At 01:59 AM 3/13/2007, you wrote:
>Hi everyone,
>I was wondering where  people typically purchase normal sera that they use 
>as blocking agents for IHC (for example on fixed rat brain).   We 
>purchased normal animal sera through Vector Laboratories; however, 
>considering how much we usually go through (we do a lot of our procedures 
>as free-floating) and the rather expensive costs I was wondering if any 
>one knew of cheaper places that still yield high quality products.  Vector 
>sells 10 ml to us for over $150 after shipping and exchange rate and I 
>have noticed that Invitrogen sells an equivalent product (normal goat 
>sera) which consists of 100 ml and costs around $30.00.   I am not sure 
>what the specific differences between the two are but this is a huge 
>difference in price and I am not sure if it translate into anything 
>meaningful in terms of quality of blocking.
>And lastly, I typically buy cresyl violet acetate through Acros.  We have 
>had beautiful results but once again it is a little on the pricey side 
>considering the small quantity we purchase.  I once tried a different 
>product (not sure what it was) and it was useless (in fact the solution 
>wouldn't even stain my own fingers).   Once again does anyone have any 
>product suggestions that have worked well for them in the past.

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