[Histonet] Pre-labeled slides

Tapper, Sheila STapper <@t> slhduluth.com
Mon Mar 12 12:05:11 CDT 2007

There are many opportunities to create and "catch" an error.  In the
case of mislabeled slides, the microtomist, as well as the person who
verified blocks to slides prior to distribution should share the
responsibility for the error.  The same mislabeling errors can occur if
the slides are written individually as well, carelessness, or
distractions are usually the reason.  I am sure every lab has their
process that best suits their workflow...but pre-labeled slides are more
efficient than write-as-you-go.  I have worked long enough (- not
telling! ) to remember the pre-printer era.  We are definitely more
efficient now.  


Remember diamond pencils?  Ouch!  My wrist is hurting again!  



Sheila Tapper HT(ASCP)

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