[Histonet] Pre-labeling glass slides

Carmen Leschuk LESCHUKC <@t> trinity-health.org
Mon Mar 12 11:19:47 CDT 2007

Recently, I heard of a slide mislabeling that occurred in another histo lab that they determined to be caused by pre-labeling slides before actual use at the microtome.  This lab said that if the slides would of been labeled simultaneously (per their policy) as the blocks being cut, the mislabeling would of been prevented.  My lab currently pre-labels all of slides before cutting a sequence of 10-20 blocks, which I thought was common practice.  My question is, what is common practice?  Do other labs have policies forbidding pre-labeling of glass slides? 


Carmen Leschuk, HT, SLS (ASCP)
Supervisor, SJMO-Anatomic Pathology

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