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It sounds like you are cytospinning just the sediment, and the cells aren't
seeing fixative until after they've been slammed against the glass slide and
been left hanging there (drying) while the cytocentrifuge finishes spinning
and brakes and you get the slides out and unclipped and then you spray
them.... that's a long time in cell fixation measurements.  Basically, you
are airdrying them. The rule of thumb is that cytology cells start drying
within 2 seconds of contacting the slide.

The solution to this is to add Cyotspin Fixative/Saccomanno Fluid/carbowax
solution to the sediment before you spin it.  Simply put your drop of
sediment into the cytocentrifuge funnel, add an equal amount of the Cytospin
Fixative on top of it, and spin as usual.  The only other thing to keep in
mind is that the slides will need to stay in the first 95% alcohol of your
staining circuit for a minimum of 10 minutes to soak off the carbowax
coating so that it doesn't effect staining.

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Hi all,
           We have been having a problem with our non-GYN PAPs. I've
changed the staining procedure to our pathologists liking but they want
a better fixation procedure as well. Currently we spin the samples in a
centrifuge, remove the excess liquid, cyto-spin the sediment and spray
with Surgipath's cytology fixative. What is everyone else doing? Any
help would be much appreciated.

Thank you,

Christine Bark
Senior Histotech, Pathology
Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
cbark <@t> memorialcare.org

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