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Thu Mar 8 03:55:03 CST 2007

 if you haven't already processed these.......I routinely process fish
gills, mainly salmon but have experience of goldfish also.  If you open
the operculum (the flap, covering the gills, which opens and closes when
the fish is alive) and remove the first gill using the point of your
scalpel and cutting at the top and bottom to release. The first gill
contains the most contaminants and may look awful in section (although
it may be interesting in your case!! since that is what they were
exposed to)  Generally you should still see an effect on the second
gill, and it is this one that we would take by releasing in the same
manner.  The gill is best viewed by embedding flat and applying gentle
pressure,  with round tipped forceps,onto the filaments to ensure that
they are in the same plane.  It is not necessary to cut off the gill
arch, unless the fish are very large.  We block, trim, then surface
decalcify for 30 mins to 1 hour before chilling and cutting at five

Hope this helps you

Debbie Faichney
Institute of Aquaculture
Stirling University
Scotland, UK

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I have some goldfish which have been placed intact into formalin. They
were exposed to different contaminants in water before being sacrificed.
What is the best way to demonstrate the gills? Should I do cross
sections or sagital sections? Thanks for any help; if someone can point
me to a reference that would be great too.

PS this is for a science fair project, favor for a friend.



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