[Histonet] fungus control for PASfungus

Gayle Callis gcallis <@t> montana.edu
Wed Mar 7 10:03:23 CST 2007

Even in research, our positive control always contains fungus.  For kidney 
tissue, especially  renal biopsies, we do the PAS differently than for 
fungus anyway, plus the sections were always cut at 2 um in order to see 
the thin basement membrane staining.

We do not use Periodic acid as the oxidizer for fungus staining, we prefer 
using chromic acid, much stronger in order to get better positive staining 
of a fungus.  As an aside, Frieda Carson and Jerry Fredenburgh published in 
Journal of Histotechnology, the pitfalls of getting false negatives with 
PAS for fungus staining.

a positive control for PAS should contain fungus.  At 07:25 AM 3/7/2007, 
you wrote:
>Is it acceptable to use kidney tissue as a control for PAS stain when 
>looking for fungus? We have been having a debate on this issue and would 
>like to know what you all think.
>Meera Bansal MD
>Mercy Medical Center
>Rockville Centre, NY

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