[Histonet] FW: question about online BS in histotechnology

Meilus, Sheri D. Sheri.Meilus <@t> va.gov
Tue Mar 6 12:52:58 CST 2007

Dear Histonetters,


Here is an excerpt from an email sent by  Rhoda Jost at FCCJ describing
where they're at in considering implementing an online BS in


"We are in the exploration stage at this time.  These are our



25% of the degree credits must come from FCCJ  (at least 30 credits)

4 year degree = 120 credits

Roughly 1/2 must be 3000 and 4000 level courses

We will need to have a bridge program for our current AS-HT degree.

We plan an on-line degree with possible research projects carried out in

student's job sites for some of the HT classes.

We are thinking of some management courses as part of the curriculum.


That is as far as we have gotten---I welcome suggestions from those in

the field of histotechnology.


Let me also stress that this is very tentative."


I personally would like to thank you all for all your letters of
interest.  I've forwarded them to her and Dr. Henning at FCCJ.  I'm
still receiving them and I'll continue to forward them.  She states that
they welcome suggestions from those of us in the field, so I continue to
encourage you to be in contact with both her and Dr. Henning.  It's
looking very encouraging so let's continue to be in contact with them!!


I've had very positive conversations with Pathologists where I work, as
well as others in the community who've offered to help, if appropriate,
with the research projects which she mentioned to be carried out at the
students' job sites, so that level of communication from Pathologists to
them would also be very helpful in my opinion.


I'll continue to update the group on where things are with FCCJ, but
again, the lines of communication are wide open for you all to contact
them directly.



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