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As the tunica adventitia is fairly thick and merges into the surounding connective tissue it is difficult to measure. 
I suspect this vein does not have any muscle in the adventitia as many of the largest veins do.
I would suggest one of the below:
Take a photograph and also of a micrometer at same magnification. 
If too large for your objectives either use a dissecting microscope or place the slide on a light box and use a camera. This will probably give you the most accurate measure.
Measure from lumen up to the border between the tunica adventitia and tunica media. This is probably the most useful.
There are several automatic stages that have been used in image analysis.
Not sure why you don't want to use the vernier scale on the microsope stage as this is usually accurate.


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Dear All,
How can the external diameter of large vein like renal vein be measured on
slide under light microscope?
     As the vein is large and measures several millimeters the micrometer
scale cannot be used. we also do not want to measure grossly using a venire
calipre. Our aim is to measure the vertical, oblique and transverse external
diameter on the slide through microscope. Please also give the reference of
the method.


Dr Robina Shaheen
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